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My name is Kei Takahashi. I was raised in Sendai, Japan, a place known for Mori-no-Miyako (Forest City.) When I was growing up, I never quite felt I would be related to IT and farming. I used to think that I'd grow up to a conductor or something related to "ART", but that's not how it turned out. Instead, I am working with an organaizer of TEDxSeeds ( and a daily farm.

* Over the last few years, I've felt challenged by "making a decision" . It always seems like people around me were courage enough to decide something important, but not me. In my world, I find myself optimistic awkward instead.

* Thinking about the next several months, I want to make a change. I want to think more about building my own business, shipping my products, and spreading my idea out. I might not want to forget about that the world has changed, but I'll try and turn it around and focus on sustainable relationship between human beings and nature.

* Lastly, when I look back on how things went in six or eight months, I hope I can say that I am in the new game now. I want one of the most special people in my life to say this about me: "I can't be in this moment without you". That's when I'd feel really good about things, no matter what else happens.


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